Laminate flooring is a fantastic choice for your home, especially for kitchens or living rooms. Laminate is easy to keep clean, looks aesthetically pleasing and is a more affordable option than hardwood floors. 

Laminate flooring is very similar to hardwood floors, as many boards are joined together with a tongue and groove system. This type of flooring has multiple layers, unlike hardwood floors. 

One layer is plastic to create durability of the lower layers. A pattern layer makes the ‘look’ of the floor. Also, there is a core layer that provides the floor with absorbance and a backing layer which creates a barrier between liquids and the floor. 

It is vital to clean laminate floors properly, as specific cleaning methods and products might ruin your floors. If you want your laminate floors to look squeaky clean, then read this guide to find out the best way of cleaning without staining or scratching your floors.  

Methods of cleaning laminate floors

Manufacturer’s instructions 

The best place to start is to find the manufacturer’s instructions for your floor. Certain brands will have different recommendations specific to your floor based on the materials used during manufacturing. Usually, you will find the instructions on the manufacturer’s website. 

Dry mop

Drying mopping is an excellent method of removing debris, dirt and dust without scratching the floor. If you do not remove particles from the floor, it can lead to stains over time. 

An effective dry mopping tip is to mop in the direction the tiles are laid in, so you can get all debris, dirt and dust particles from the grooves. 

You should avoid using brushes with harsh bristles, which can lead to scratches on the floor. If you use a vacuum cleaner to remove particles, you should use an attachment with super soft bristles rather than the beater bar. 

Damp mop

When cleaning laminate floors, you should avoid steam cleaners and buffers, as this can easily cause damage to the protective layer of the floor. Also, you should avoid soaking your floor, as it will take hours to dry and can make the colour of the floor fade over time. 

Microfibre mops are an affordable and effective way to mop the floor. The material is soft and will not scratch or damage the floor. 

Damp mopping with warm water will do the trick, or if you want to go a step further, you can use laminate floor cleaning products. 

If you clean the floors as you go, you will generally only need to mop your floor every two months. 

Laminate floor cleaning products 

Before purchasing a floor cleaner, you should always read the label to see if it’s suitable for laminate floors. Using incorrect cleaning products can lead to staining and fading of the floors over time. 

Many great cleaning products are available to buy online at an affordable cost. Here are some of our favourite products:

  1. Method Wood Floor Cleaner: This product can be bought on Amazon for under £7. It is a non-wax, non-toxic and sweetly scented product that will leave your floors sparkly clean. 
  2. Dettol Clean and Fresh Floor Cleaner: This product can be purchased online and most retailers. It is an affordable and effective cleaner that removes 99.99% of bacteria and leaves a pleasant scent in the room. 
  3. Black Diamond Wood and Laminate Floor Cleaning Spray: this spray can be bought on Amazon for under £10. It leaves laminate floors looking brand-new and shiny. 

Homemade laminate floor cleaner 

Alternatively, you could make laminate floor cleaner at home. You make a solution by mixing the following:

  • White vinegar 
  • Mild detergent 
  • 4 litres of hot water
  • Dish soap (unscented) 

Once you have mixed all ingredients, you can keep them in the bucket and mop. Or, you could pour it into a spray bottle if you just want to target specific areas of the floor. 

Common stains

Blood: Blood can be removed using a window cleaner and a microfiber cloth. The sooner you clean the stain up, the easier it will be to remove it without damaging the floor. 

Chewing gum: Gum can be removed using a plastic knife. Never use a metal knife, as it can leave scratches on the laminate. You can wipe away any leftover gum with a damp and warm cloth. 

Drink spillages: all drink spillages, whether red wine or soda, can be removed with a damp microfiber cloth. If you struggle to get rid of the stain, simply spray some detergent to make it easier. 

Maintenance tips 

Clean as you go

Spilling a substance on the floor without cleaning it up can cause staining, especially if you leave it sitting there for a long time. To avoid this and make cleaning easier, we recommend that you clean up stains as you go.

An easy way to clean up stains is by investing in microfibre cloths. This type of cloth can be purchased in most grocery stores or online and is relatively cheap. 

Invest in furniture pads

Furniture can easily scratch or dent laminate floors over time. So for heavy pieces of furniture, you should place pads on the legs of the furniture. 

Block out natural light 

During the day or sunny months of the year, it is advisable to close the blinds or curtains during the day (when possible). The natural sunlight can cause the flooring to fade over time. 

Take your shoes off

The soles of your shoes can hold onto debris, dirt and dust, which you might bring into your home if you do not take off your shoes. Also, high heels can leave minor dents on laminate flooring over time. So, it is essential to keep shoes off in your home.